About Us

Valakas Digital develops small businesses.

Nathan is the director of Valakas Digital as a freelance Digital Developer. We boast a network of professionals: designers, content writers, developers, photographers, social media & SEO experts.

The journey began assisting small business owners with struggles in all areas of digital. Many feel out of touch with the constantly evolving digital world, and others don't have the time to spare after working on their business duties.

We strive to create a long-lasting relationship where both parties benefit!

Our analyse showed that 1 in 3 potential customers can revisit your website more than five times in anticipation of buying your product or service. Your website must function as expected, perform to the best of its ability and serve your audience with the information they expect.

Our first step to increase growth is to create a beautiful and well-represented website. A solid foundation to build on as you grow that acts as a reliable source of information for your ever-growing customer base.

We quickly get to work creating a growth plan, focusing on other areas of digital depending on your niche. Including Google Adwords for search results, Paid Advertising on a range of platforms, Social Media Campaigns, and many more.

Quality Over Quantity

We focus on the needs of each business and tailor elements around what makes them unique. Our collaborative process is very hands-on. We work closely with you to create a website that serves your customers and is something that you're 100% happy with.


Your Digital Partner

Digital Expert assigned that will guide you on the journey.


On Hand For Advice

24/7 Support system. Make a ticket, and we will respond as soon as possible.


Built From The Ground Up

Solid foundation, growth in mind with no bloat and superior results.

Join the family of small business owners without headaches and worries.

£150 / month
6-month contract mininum.